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Normally our body evaporates 2 liters of moisture per day, in hot weather and during physical exertion generously “leak ” comes to 4 liters. How to better restock the necessary fluids in the body?

This is the best way to quench your thirst – it requires a third less than water. It does not matter, it is cold, hot or just warm. Green tea has a positive effect on blood vessels. A black tea due to caffeine better tones up.
Secret: 4 cups of hot green tea can protect the skin from ultraviolet rays.

By the ability to quench cool mineral water in second place after tea. It is very refreshing, stimulating appetite, and even reduces fatigue.
If there is no gastritis or gastric ulcer, can give preference to carbonated water. Carbon dioxide entering the mouth, causing intense salivation and thirst faster wins.
The secret: help overcome thirst added to the water, a slice of lemon or a few sour berries – cranberries or cranberries.
Not recommended: to drink from the tap, as well as ice and distilled water.

Juices and nectars
In the summer well help tomato, cherry, grapefruit, plum, cornel alychovy and juices. The acid irritates the taste buds begin copious saliva – and we think about is not so hot. Juices with pulp quench thirst worse.
The secret: in hot weather is better – diluted juice.
Not so good: juice, prepared from dry concentrate.

Milk products
Kefir, a fermented baked milk, yogurt, sour perfectly quench thirst. In addition, they are quickly absorbed. Sour milk of all types can be eaten with sweet fruit, berries and vegetables.
Secret: dairy products are suitable for people suffering individual intolerance to lactose.
Not recommended: mix with milk.

When the temperature of the “outside” has exceeded all possible limits, try to drink a glass of skim milk or whole, diluted with water. This drink relieves stress, lowers blood pressure and struggling with being overweight.
Secret: milk tea – a tonic, to influence the gastric mucosa.
Not recommended: to drink milk after eating, since it reduces the secretion of gastric juice.

This, the classic kvass by existing in it carbon dioxide and amino acids – a wonderful drink. It’s good and also refers to a group of so-called fermented beverages, and therefore facilitates more rapid digestion of food.
Secret: with the regular consumption of kvass improves the nervous system.
Not recommended: to drink carbonated brew sold in bottles.

Alcoholic beverages cannot fully compensate the loss of water. In addition beer calorie  and therefore not suitable for those who follow the figure. So the beer, which saves you from thirst – rather a myth. And drink a lot of it will not work.
The secret: a small amount of beer reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, a positive effect on the kidneys, preventing the formation of stones, and increases the body’s defenses.
Not recommended: go to far. To quench your thirst, it is better to choose tea, mineral water, juice or milk.

Thirst, he almost did not slake and consumed in large quantities than tasteless liquid.
The secret: a truly useful lemonade can be made at home. To do this only to breed fruit puree of mineral water.
Not recommended: lemonade quench your thirst. It is better to drink a glass of juice, fruit, or eat yogurt